Bridal Eye Makeup – How To Achieve The Perfect Look For The Day Of The Wedding

Eye makeup for a bride should create an endearing yet desirable look.

Bridal eye makeup should look simple and not distract from the overall face, but it should also be enhancing none the less. Colors should be neutral and basic with a couple of special extras. By following this guide, the eyes will pop without looking overdone. Use a slightly heavier hand if the event is an evening wedding. Start this eye makeup process after applying your foundation, and practice several times before the big day.

Bridal Eye Makeup Tools:

– Eyelash curler
– Black or dark brown eyeliner
– Eyeshadow
– Black or dark brown mascara
– Eyeshadow brushes

Eyelash Curler: After the foundation makeup has been applied on the face including the eyelids, curl eyelashes as close to the base of the lashes as possible without feeling them pull. Hold the eyelash curler down for 5 seconds and release. Look at your profile in the mirror to ensure that eyelashes are turned up.

Eyeshadow: Take the wider eyeshadow brush and apply the ivory color from eyebrow to lash line. Use the same eyeshadow brush to apply the medium brown color to the eyelid only, and lightly blend with the brush or your finger tip. For a little extra sparkle, apply an ivory shimmer shadow directly under the eyebrow and blend well.

Eye Makeup Contouring: Use the slant eyeshadow brush to contour the eyelid crease, and blend well keeping the width of the contour about the size of your pinkie finger. Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line allowing it to become slightly thicker at the outside corners.

Eye Makeup Smudge: Run the slant brush carefully along the lash lines to give a slight smudged look. Use the blender brush again to create a smooth transition with all the eyeshadow shades on your lid.

Mascara Application: If you can’t afford LVL lashes from a salon – LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift – make sure you get the best mascara you can find, after all, it is your wedding day! Apply your mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes. Make sure to get the lashes in the outside and inside corners for a full look.

When applying mascara, an effective way to prevent getting mascara on your eyelid is hold a compact under your chin and look down into your reflection. There will be a clear view of your eyelashes, and you will be able to apply the mascara without missing a single lash.

It is always wise to purchase waterproof mascara for the big day. Even if tears are not anticipated, mascara can be smudged by many factors.

Color Tip

For bridal eye makeup, blonds and redheads look best in dark brown eyeliner and brown mascara while brunettes and those with black hair look best with black eyeliner and black mascara.

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