How To Get The Best Results From Permanent Makeup

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To ensure the best results from permanent makeup application, there are several tips and tricks to help guarantee beautiful, lasting permanent makeup.

For those considering permanent makeup, including eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner and lip color, the appeal is clear: what woman wouldn’t love to wake up with makeup? Long-lasting and beautiful, permanent makeup that is applied precisely can be the busy woman’s best friend. Finding the right permanent makeup expert, getting the answers to some important questions and proper after-care can all help you achieve the very best results.

Finding the Right Permanent Makeup Technician

A bad permanent makeup job is easy to spot: eyebrows have a strangely pink or blue cast or are arched too severely, the “bow” of the lips is too pointed, or the eyeliner reminds you of those cat-eye glasses from the 1950s. With every nail shop and salon offering permanent makeup, how do you know who to trust with such an important task?

Put the word out with friends that you are in the market for the very best permanent makeup technician around. Post it on Facebook, mention it at the book club, talk to your neighbors. Hairdressers are a great source for referrals, too. Word of mouth is the best way to find someone who really knows the field and is passionate about her work.

Find a “One Trick Pony” There is something to be said about permanent makeup technicians who only do permanent makeup. Since they aren’t waxing upper lips and trimming bangs in addition to their permanent makeup work, they are likely to be focused on making their work the very best it can be. Technicians who specialize in permanent makeup and only permanent makeup are usually well-versed in the latest and greatest trends and products in the field, from the newest numbing agents to the very best pigments. With a specialist permanent makeup technician, you are stacking the odds in your favor for fantastic results.

Be Picky! Just because your next door neighbour’s daycare provider swears by a particular permanent makeup technician doesn’t mean that she will be the best choice for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and, most importantly, before and after photos. Also, take a close look at the technician’s own face because she is likely to be sporting a full face of her own work! You might not be crazy about her lip colour, but observe the overall effect and the artistry involved, keeping an eye out for signs of scarring or sloppy work.

Ask the Right Questions Your technician should be able to explain to you the difference between good and bad permanent makeup application and what she does to ensure pleasing results. Ask her the following:

– How many years of experience do you have? You want to choose a technician with several years of experience. Your face should not be the practice canvas for someone who just got her license!

– Are you licensed? The license should be clearly posted near her work station.
– How old is your equipment? More than five years old and she may be using tools that are outdated.

– Why do you use the products you use? Technicians who are passionate about great results are extremely selective about the products they use and spare no expense to buy the purest pigments with the least amount of trace metals that might oxidize and give eyebrows an orangey-tint.

– Is your equipment made expressly for use with permanent makeup? Never allow anyone to use an actual tattoo gun on your face. Permanent makeup tools penetrate less deeply that ones made for tattoos and will not provide natural-looking results.

– Do you offer numbing? Some permanent makeup technicians do not offer numbing ointments because they feel that it is a wasted expense and takes too much time. The very best technicians make their clients’ comfort levels a priority and offer safe and gentle topical numbing options. Some even work in conjunction with cosmetic surgeons who will provide local anesthetics for an extra fee.

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