Simple Tips For Eye Make-up And Eyelashes

Make Up

Mascara that makes your eyelashes clumpy? Fears about using an eyelash curler? Eyes constantly look tired? Read on for some great tips and tricks.

Cheat with false eyelashes

False eyelashes are great for parties and glamorous events and the market has really expanded since celebrities like Lady Gaga brought them back into fashion. You can now sport ‘falsies’ with sequins, animal prints or even coloured feathers. Shop at false eyelashes and watch their amazing tutorial video to get the proper advice on applying and removing them. Remember, if you’re worried your falsies are too long, simply cut them to size.

Keep things simple with Vaseline

It’s no longer the make-up industry’s best kept secret. Vaseline is fantastic for giving quick and simple gloss to eyelashes. When you’re out and about or in a rush, use it to simply separate your lashes in place of mascara. You can use a lash comb for the illusion of extra length. Vaseline can also be used as a base before applying eye shadows as it keeps the products in place and prevents powder mess. Use it to tame your eyebrows too!

Make an impact with the right mascara

If you’re having difficulty getting the most out of your mascara you may have selected the wrong product. Taking a look at the fullness of the wand brush can be a good way of knowing what to expect from a mascara. If you want thicker lashes go for a brush with extra or uneven bristles for maximum application. If you want your eyelashes to be longer go for the smaller brushes with the spiral formations to separate and lengthen. Remember to always wriggle the brush rapidly and gently from root to tip to prevent clumping.

Use curlers for a widening effect

Using curlers is a great way to make your eyes look wider and brighter. They can be daunting to use at first but you’ll quickly get used to them and love the results. To use an eyelash curler simply place the open curler around the upper lashes at the root and gently squeeze for twenty seconds. Then repeat at a slightly further point on the lashes. Follow these curler tips for a good curling experience:

– clean the curlers regularly with a damp tissue and change the rubber pads when they get worn

– Sit upright and straight when curling and use a mirror. No sudden movements.

– Warm your curlers with a hair dryer for a few seconds for a tighter, more dramatic curl. Be careful not to overheat!

– Apply mascara AFTER you curl your lashes to prevent the curler from getting dirty and give the make-up a good shape to dry on

Remove make-up at the end of each day

ALWAYS remove make-up before you go to bed, says Janette from Use water-based cleansers rather than oily lotions and be thorough to keep the skin clean. Whether you’re using pads or cotton wool remember that it’s better to use more and keep the removal gentle than to use only one for a rough clean that leads to red marks.

Be kind to your eyes

Eye drops are good for puffy, tired eyes. Optrex Eyedew is a perfect product for keeping your eyes sparkling and bright. It contains witch hazel to cool and soothe affected areas. (DO NOT use this product for sore or swollen eyes – always see your doctor.)

Find products that give you the desired effect and take care of your eyes – they’re one of the your best assets!

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