6 Tips For More Volume In Your Hair!


Volume in the hair is one of the most desirable features of a hairstyle. A crest, undercut, half-long or messy hairstyle is usually better with more volume. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky with bulky, thick hair. Achieving it is easier said than done. But fortunately it is not impossible. We at Moquer have some tips!

Use a hair dryer for more volume

A hair dryer with a good constant flow of warm (not hot) air is the best way to manipulate and reform your hair. This way you can give more volume to your hair. Styling a hairstyle is often not only about the correct use of the product, but also about the preparation with your hair dryer (and possibly a comb or brush). It is best to blow-dry in the opposite direction that your hair naturally grows. By doing this, the volume of your hair increases the most.

Keep your hair healthy

Washing and keeping your hair in condition is also very important to maintain a natural volume. The daily washing of your hair naturally removes oils in your hair, these oils normally provide the natural volume of your hair. In addition, cheap conditioners often contain silicones that make the hair dull and flat. Do not wash your hair every day! Read more about how often you can wash your hair.

Pre-styling products for blow-drying

There are various products on the market to pre-style your hair. Think of a hair sprays mousses and creams. There is a large variety to choose from. But if we were to define a dividing line in the variation of effectiveness, you could use a cream on the underside of the hair, resulting in a more natural finish. You could apply a hair mousse to the top of the hair, resulting in more volume.

Pre-styling powders

Powders that apply volume and texture are emerging and are becoming increasingly popular. More and more brands are coming with their own powders.

High hold for a voluminous finish

With a high-hold product you get more volume in your hair, the hair will often not fall down during the day. However, fine thin hair, in combination with some high hold products, such as clay, the hair can fall down a bit. For more volume with fine thin hair we recommend the Scotch Porter. It gives a huge volume boost.

Sea-salt sprays

You know it, you went to the beach and you swam. Your hair changes very much here and it often gets pretty dry. But your volume also increases, and that is due to the salty seawater! There are different products, often sprays, that have made their products based on this effect. Use good products for blow-drying and achieve maximum volume of your hair! You can even make your own sea salt spray with sea salt, coconut oil and warm water. But of course we recommend to buy a professional spray at Moquer .

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